national insurance israel Phone Branches and Benefits

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גלוי נאות אתר התכנון הפיננסי של ישראל

גולשים יקרים אנו מודים לכם שבחרתם לגלוש באתר התכנון הפיננסי של ישראל. נשמח לשמוע את דעתכם על כתבות התוכן של האתר ! אתר התכנון הפיננסי של ישראל שם לו למטרה לקדם את המודעות הפיננסית בישראל ומציע שירותים בתשלום עבור איתור כספים בדיקת פוליסות ביטוח חישוב פנסיה וייעוץ פנסיוני על ידי יועצים מורשים בלבד

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national insurance israel

national insurance israel   A guide in English with all the important information about the National Insurance Institute in Israel, a list of phone numbers of the National Insurance Institute, a list of branches of the National Insurance Institute and hours of operation

national insurance israel

national insurance israel

  national insurance israel phone

National Insurance Institute Telephone 6050 * or 04-8812345 from any telephone, Bezeq and cellular phone.
The service is available Sunday – Thursday between 8:00 – 17:00 in 4 languages:
Hebrew, English, Arabic, Amharic

national  institute israel rights

The realization of medical rights National Insurance important details to know

At the end of 2016, the conditions for receipt of rights and benefits in the National Insurance Institute were changed.

Eligibility tests in the Book of National Insurance deficiencies were significantly increased and the chances of realizing rights in National Insurance declined significantly.

While the test for income tax exemption remained unchanged (a determination of at least 90% disability social security),

the fact that receiving the percentages became a real journey.

The medical committees at the National Insurance Institute have increased the conditions for receiving high degrees of disability in national insurance israel

national insurance israel claim can you win ? 

Due to the worsening of the conditions and the difficulty in realizing the rights of the National Insurance Institute.

the exemption from income tax and the receipt of benefits from the National Insurance Institute, awareness of the importance of using the services of companies to realize medical rights began.

In addition, there are currently fees and the cost of a rights realization service through a professional company for receipt of rights from the National Insurance Institute, and later receipt of discounts on municipal taxes, exemption from income tax, and other benefits reserved for those receiving AII benefits

national insurance israel Phone Branches and Benefits.

National Insurance Institute Guide Learn about national insurance and the realization of NII rights in Israel through professional articles on Israel’s financial planning site

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